For employers

MEGT supports your organisation in the employment and retention of your apprentices and trainees.


MEGT’s Workforce Planning service is the national leader in workforce planning and actively influences thinking and direction on the topic. We provide progressive and relevant workforce planning services and products that complement client needs.

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MEGT specialises in managing apprentices and trainees

We’ve worked with and employed hundreds of thousands of apprentices and trainees since 1982.

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Reduce time spent on this non core operational task.

Choose our full skills recruitment service

– or just the service you need

– or our no cost service.

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Your community

You can make a difference to your community. Your industry needs qualified and experienced staff in order to meet future demand.

You can invest in your business and your industry at the same time you add value to your community by providing employment opportunities to people who find it a little more challenging getting a head start.

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Skills development

Training and recognition of skills already achieved can be a strong motivator for employees. Training may help performance and extend your skills base, allowing a business to be more competitive and flexible. We can assist in determining training needs and how these align with business objectives.

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