Don’t deprive yourself of the delicious food that the festive season is renowned for; just follow these 10 tips to easily include exercise in your plan, enjoy the foods you love and celebrate a guilt-free Christmas with the people you love most…

1. If you’re susceptible to feeling guilty after a bit of overindulging, we suggest eating clean in the lead up to Christmas. This should result in a guilt-free extra serving of pudding to reward your hard work!

2. Start Christmas Day with a nutritious breakfast and try to avoid the Christmas chocolates first thing in the morning. Some of our favourite Christmas morning breakfasts include:

• Smashed avo on wholegrain bread with feta and poached eggs
• Homemade muesli made with oats, seeds, nuts and berries
• Chia puddings made with chia seeds soaked overnight in almond or coconut milk and topped with mixed berries
• Omelette with smoked salmon, spinach, tomato and mushrooms
• Strawberry and passionfruit breakfast trifles – see recipe here

3. Find fun ways to add incidental activity into your day (nb: Incidental activity is any activity built up in small amounts over the day). Examples can include:

• Backyard sports such as footy, cricket, soccer & badminton
• If it’s a hot day, start a water bomb fight
• Get down to the beach in the afternoon for a swim or paddle

4. If you’re planning to drink over the festive season, go one for one. Since alcohol strips water from the body, an easy way to prevent dehydration is to keep the H20 flowing all day/night long so we advise alternating between an alcoholic beverage and a hydrating glass of water.

5. Put Activewear on your ‘Santa List’ and then show it off with a run on Christmas morning.

6. Buy your loved ones something from Pinnacle’s Fit-mas Gift Guide so you can workout in the gym together and keep each other motivated.

7. Commit to a High Intensity Interval Training session on Christmas Eve and you can continue to burn fat up to 48hrs later!

8. One of our favourite salads for Xmas is this ‘Fresh cherry and pistachio tabbouleh’ (courtesy of Woman’s Weekly)

9. Don’t stop exercising! Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

10. Make a batch of these Healthy(ish) Cookie Recipes for the office to avoid the sweets and chocolate overload!

…And keep an eye out for the next Pinnacle 12 Week Challenge for the opportunity to get back into your fitness in a fun way with serious results!

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