Rules of Conduct & Etiquette

These rules exist to protect yourself, the gym equipment, other users, staff and those that will work out after you

  1. To enter the club you need your access card (reception or 24/7) and you can’t lend it to anyone else as it belongs to you (you’ll need to swipe in on every visit)
  2. To ensure your club’s fit for use, we might need to close it – or certain areas – from time to time. Thanks for your patience
  3. If we need to change the club’s opening hours for any reason, we’ll aim to give you as much notice as possible
  4. Keep your valuables with you or tucked away in a locker at all times. If we find anything, we’ll look after it
  5. Please wear appropriate gym attire at all times i.e. no bare chests, no denim
  6. Please wear appropriate footwear to protect your feet, i.e. thongs are not appropriate footwear
  7. You’re welcome to join a class once it’s started but the instructor might ask you to warm up first
  8. You may not stay in the club after reception closing times if you do not have a 24/7 access card
  9. We’re not able to look after anything for you in the club and can’t offer you a tab
  10. Please wipe off the equipment when finished – remember to bring a towel when working out
  11. Please replace weights and don’t drop them as it i) is a safety hazard ii) damages the kit iii) disturbs other members.
  12. In the changing rooms, please close lockers after use, put all rubbish in the bins and wipe the sink after shaving/putting makeup on/etc.
  13. If your club has a car park please treat it as part of the club, park considerately (esp. disabled spaces) and leave it as you’d expect to find it
  14. In the interest of everyone’s cleanliness and hygiene, please wipe down equipment after use
  15. We consider our members and staff one big, happy, healthy family so please respect the club, our staff and each other at all times
  16. Please consider others when using your mobile phone and keep calls to a minimum
  17. If you’re using a smartphone , tablet or other device in the club or as part of your workout it’s your responsibility to keep it safe and secure, we encourage you to keep it on you rather than the equipment
  18. Please be considerate of members and staff and remember your personal hygiene – put on deodorant / antiperspirant before arriving at the gym
  19. We’re all her for results, respect others and share the equipment during peak times
  20. Members are not to give out technical advice for safety reasons as they may not hold a qualification to allow them to give this advice. If any member has any questions about training techniques or exercise technique they should see one of the qualified staff members for assistance
  21. No explicit language is to be used in the gym or anywhere else in the centre
  22. Children are not permitted in the gym area under any circumstances