TT50 Team Training

Results, relationships and a coach motivating you the whole way

Pinnacle’s TT50 will deliver you a whole new world of fitness training. A world where function, fun and achieving results are standard practice. Proven to be 50% more effective than training with fixed machines, our functional training style delivers strength, weight loss, endurance and flexibility.

Pilates Reformer 50

A 50 minute full-body workout that will make you sweat, shake and burn

Pilates Reformer is ideal for building and toning muscles, as well as increasing stability through the joints. You will notice more defined lean muscles through regular reformer classes and it’s also a great environment to recharge the batteries.

Want the best of both worlds?

A Pinnacle Peak Performer membership gives you unlimited access to Reformer50 and TT50, as well as unlimited access to all Pinnacle Health Club locations.