Pinnacle Health Clubs FitCoach app is your Coach, Dietician and Teammates all in one. Including personalised workout and nutrition plans, an advanced goal setting and tracking system, and access to a motivated community of like-minded people, this digital platform provides everything you need to live healthier, happier and stronger.

Set your goals

Set goals for activity, body weight, calories burnt per week, body fat and more.

Track Your Progress

Track how you’re doing on a daily, weekly, monthly basis – or by the minute!re.

Your Virtual Coach

2000+ exercises and activities with easy-to-follow 3D demonstrations.

Workout Plans

Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle or work on general fitness, there’s a workout for you – as well as options to create your own.

 Upgrade to PHCFitCoach Pro and you will also gain access to:

Tailor-made Nutrition Plans & Support

Nutrition is key to getting results. You’ll receive nutrition plans relevant to your goals and access to our digital dietician system to track calorie and nutrition intake.

A Personal Coach

Your personal online coach is on hand to provide customised gym or at-home fitness programs.