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Circus Oz



Circus OZ

Show Works is rapt to be given sign off on supplying SprungFloor by Show Works to the new Circus Oz development in Collingwood.

McCorkell Constructions are the builders on the project and Show Works is looking forward to working in with them on the project.

Arts Victoria brought Show Works onto the project over two years ago after the success of the replacement works Show Works carried out to the Chunky Move Studios.

SprungFloor by Show Works has become the logical choice on jobs that are looking for a fully FIBA tested sprung floor with engineering sign off at a very affordable price.

Interestingly the standard Sprungfloor by Show Works design was felt to be a little soft for acrobats so we went through an extensive process of working with Circus Oz to tune the floor to suit their needs. With the application of our special high memory rubber pads in extra positions a mutually agreeable design has been settled upon.

A feature of this project is the addition of a sacrificial floor layer over the top of the Sprung floor. The reasoning behind this is to make the replacement of damaged boards a more simple process. With the rate at which weights and rigging are thrown around in an acrobatic environment it was felt that there was a greater than normal risk of damage occurring. Weathertex hi-impact board will be laid over the top of the floor. When damaged, the floor is just unscrewed and replaced.
Show Works will be supplying and installing their fantastic sprung dance floor in September. Interestingly they will also be fabricating and installing some of the steel tunnel work for the job as well.

Hopefully none of our staff will be tempted to run away to join the circus!