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Museums and Galleries


Show Works knows what it takes to deliver high end museum and gallery installations.

Notable projects that Show Works has worked on include:

  • The Melbourne Museum Welcome Map (for Mega Fun)
  • Little Lon house installation – Melbourne Gallery – Melbourne Museum
  • Coles Book Arcade – Melbourne Museum
  • Think Ahead – Science Works
  • Science Fair – Science Works
  • Polly Woodside immersive experience.

All of these projects required a sensitivity of subject to deliver effectively.

The Welcome Map is a stunning optical illusion designed by Mega Fun. Show Works worked closely with the designer to deliver their vision in a durable, practical and handsome result. In addition to needing to be stable, strong and durable, the installation is constantly being moved and reinstated into the foyer where it is now entering its 7th anniversary.

The Little Lon installation in the Melbourne Gallery involved recreating two houses from the 1860s typical of Melbourne of the time. With hard plastered walls, creaking floor boards, rusting corrugated iron and realistic bluestone paving, it is no wonder this in one of the museums must see installations. Show Works working from a base design conceived of the finishes, flow, look and ambience of the project delivering on time and budget.

Polly Woodside immersive experience features Show Works high end finish cabinetry and interpretive installation work. The hands on exhibition is a favourite for young and old and the clever design has been beautifully delivered evocatively using all of Show Works skill set from cabinetry to sculpture, metal work and carpentry.