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Sprung Floors By Show Works


Show Works has changed the sprung floor industry in Australia. Why shouldn’t dancers in Australia have access to affordable sprung floors? They
are available overseas so why not here? With our unique set up, (Show Works is the designer, inventor, manufacturer and distributor all under the one roof) we save heaps of overheads and pass the savings on to you!


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  • Cheap and easy to install – we encourage you to shop around!
  • It’s modular design means it can grow with your business
  • Use it with or without an overlay – you decide the finish
  • Ecologically sustainable
  • Australian designed and manufactured
  • OH & S Friendly
  • Now installed in the Australian Ballet and Queensland Ballet rehearsal studios

Testing has been carried out under FIBA (Federation of International Basketball Associations) conditions. Testing was carried out on a level concrete floor.

Vertical deformation

Minimum vertical deformation = 2mm

SprungFloor by Show Works = 6mm

Force Reduction

Minimum force reduction = 40%

SprungFloor by Show Works = 60%

The Australian Ballet
Victorian College of the Arts Queensland Ballet
Tanya Pearson Classical Coaching
The Australian Conservatoire of Ballet Kew School of Dance
Aboriginal Centre for the Performing Arts Sydney Theatre School
Circus Oz
Chunky Move
Penrhose College
The Conlan College
Glen Iris School of Dance
Australian Teachers of Dance – ATOD
And many more

SprungFloor by Show Works is manufactured from 18mm B-C/C-D grade structural plywood; the closed cell pads that provide the force reduction are specially imported. We have not been able to find a comparable rubber in Australia (believe me, we have tried!).

Our floor is supplied in an uncoated form; this allows you to set your budget by choosing how you want to finish it.

Potential floor finishes include

  • Floor paint – Check with your local paint expert
  • Clear sealer – We recommend Bona Traffic
  • Dance vinyl – Show Works are national distributors of Tarkett Dansfloor.Experience tells us that no two dancers are alike so why should we decide the finish? The choice is yours!



Alice Hobden – Kew School of Dance

Show Works’ Sprung Floor is everything you could want in a sprung dance floor – looks beautiful, cost effective, independently tested, five year manufacturer’s warranty, sustainable, good quality, non-slip dance surface, smooth, level and suitable for all different types of dance. It is such a pleasure to be in our new studio, which, thanks to Show Works, looks fantastic.